Because of the early yielding of trees, to be shortened recycling period of investment and reduced investment cost.
Diminutiveness of trees reduces the cost of cutting, pest control and especially product harvest with providing the advantage of working. Naturally, less use of labor, more mechanization.
Effective and easy pest control, less damage to the environment and nature.
The opportunity to achieve higher product quality and quantity per unit area.
Ripening at the same time.
Less soil exhaustion because of less use of fertilizer and water.
Less fighting with crabgrass, less diesel expense, less energy expenditure.

An Overview of Ecological Fruit Growing
Written by Agricultural Engineer İbrahim Oğuz
Today’s world is expecting developments, beyond the nutrition criteria, not regarding that you are nourished with what; but regarding how the product with that you are nourished is produced.  devamı için lütfen tıklaynız..>>



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